Chakaltois x Chiara Bautista - Prototype figure set revealed with no plans for production... yet?!?!

On todays episode of "We hope this gets made into production"... Mexican based artist Chakaltois teamed up with the amazingly talented Chiara Bautista to bring one of her amazing illustrations to life... and hot damn did it turn out good. Standing 9" tall, Chakaltois wanted to share this modeling and 3D printing exercise of Chiara Bautista's characters in a chibi version, it is a unique piece printed in resin and painted by hand... and is just that, a prototype... no more exist in the world other than what you see above.
How do we change this?!?! Maybe go bug both Chakaltois and Chiara Bautista to make this actually happen because the world needs more cute bunny mask wearing little girls towing a wagon with little bunnies accompanied by an astral wolf by her side!

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