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DOZER - Custom Coarse Paw!Raw from Boy in the Corner Studio!!!

One of the best parts of being involved with the world of Toy Art is seeing the artist on their journey. Heath Duntz aka Boy In The Corner Studio has been on one hell of a journey over the past couple of years and is creating custom works which are stretching the bounds of what's possible. His resin work and sculpting, combined with a real talent for additional detail like custom inset clock gears and lighting mean that this is an artist in demand and his custom commissions are outstanding.

When an artist has as much energy and passion as Heath does, it shows consistently in their work. As someone who follows his progress closely online I can tell you his passion is there for all to see and his constant striving to find new and exciting techniques for his work is nothing short of inspirational. This latest custom piece is based on the Coarse Paw! Raw and has had a mesmerizing list of techniques applied to create this stand out creation. For more from Heath... or to get in on his customizing list, visit him on his Facebook!

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