ROCOM's "Death Jaguar" kaiju robot figure on Kickstarter NOW!!!

Rocom, an illustrator and designer based in Orange County, CA. is a former Hip-Hop artist and producer who creates striking visuals that conjure his world of comic books, monsters, and movies. His work ranges from Artist Edition Topps cards for Star Wars to Spider-Man branded Electric Motorcycles. He currently works as Art Director for one of the world's largest ride-on toy companies and is also a Co-Owner of YESTERDAYS, a collectible enamel pin brand... well, he's branching out, and just launched an epic Kickstarter campaign to bring his 'Death Jaguar' figure to life!

The Death Jaguar toy (inspired by and a tribute to Jet Jaguar from the Godzilla universe) will be a 9” figure, designed in the spirit of classic Japanese kaiju toys. It will be made of soft vinyl, have a dual-face head sculpt, as well as fist replacement weapons including an axe, and a laser blaster. This toy embodies so many things that we all grew up with and still love. There are some really cool tier levels to pledge towards... and every level, no matter how small or big, will help him reach his goal to help get this figure produced! He has the help of IDW Godzilla Comics artist, Matt Frank, who is making original art for some of the reward tiers and there’s also an amazing mini-bust being sculpted by Shannon Van Pelt... so what are you waiting for, head on over HERE to help make this possible!

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