Kaiju Creature Creations Return to MPH as "Monstrosities"!

Myplasticheart's annual "Monstrosities" exhibition, curated by GUUMON, is back for its fourth time and now its even bigger than ever! This year’s exhibit features the work of 30 amazing US and Japanese Kaiju artists, including the curator himself as well as: Awesome Toy, Akashik Records & Toys, Candie Bolton, Deathcat Toys, Devilboy (from Devil's Headquarters), Don't Cry in the Morning, Draculizer (aka Michael Skattum), Gabriella June, Hardcore Toys, Kearjun, Kenth Toy Works, Mechavirus, MechNoiz Toys, Milkboy Toys, Monsterfoot Creations, Nate the Milkman, Papalemon (of PLT Toys), Paul Kaiju, Planet-X, Plaseebo, Rampage Toys, Sadism Brainman Toy, Science Patrol, Splurrt, The Eternal Tears Of A Willow, Trash Talk Toys, TRU:TEK, Violence Toy, and Yuk Toy Co. Now, if you're uncertain what excatly a show like this will look like, you can check out my recap of last year's show HERE or you can just look below, gazing upon one entry into the upcoming exhibit by Bob Conge of Plaseebo. Titeld "Gunkanjima Kaiju", this one-of-a-kind Conge piece is a roughly 8-inch tall clear "X" body by Skullbutthead filled with guts and two motion activated, color-changing LED units! A bit nightmarish, a bit vintage fun, everything on display will be "Monstrosities"! Opening on Friday, March 2nd from 7-10pm local time, "Monstrosities" will be on display through April 1st, 2018 at 210 Forsyth St., New York, NY 10002.

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