Leslie Levings' The Beastlies Coming from Bad Robot & Mattel!

Back in November of 2012, artist Leslie Levings confirmed on Twitter that she was "working with JJ [Abrams] and Bad Robot to make an animated thing" out of her The Beastlies creations. I remember even congratulating her at that year's DesignerCon. Now, for those not familiar, The Beastlies are an adorable sculptural line of tiny creatures, each one handmade by Levings, of which she's reportedly made thousands. It seems that back in 2010, Abrams spotted some of them on the counter in a comic store that Levings worked at part-time, reaching out to her about doing something more with the bug-eyed beasties. And then no further announcements came… until now. According to an article on Deadline, Levings' small monsters with big feelings were forthcoming as part of a collaboration between Bad Robot and Mattel, on which the latter's president/COO Richard Dickson commented that the "combination of JJ and Bad Robot's content creator powerhouse abilities and Mattel's global marketing and branding abilities seemed a strong match for an amazing collaborative effort." While no specific details have been issued yet, Bad Robot is perfectly positioned to make an animated series or feature film surrounding the creatures and Mattel's involvement would appear to allow factory-made renditions of The Beastlies to invade shops everywhere! Time will tell, but we're excited to see what the future holds for Levings and her tiny creature creations.

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