HealeyMade's "No. 5 (SOLO)" Returns with a Part 2 Release!

If you missed the first release of David "HealeyMade" Healey's "No. 5 (SOLO)", then prepare to act fast as here's a second wave of the wonderful figures! Inspired by the moment in Star Wars when Han Solo shot the bounty hunter Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina, a scene that series creator George Lucas later tried to alter into a more "honorable" returning fire scenario, HealeyMade's "No. 5 (SOLO)" is both characters in one… so it doesn't really matter if "Han shot first" or if "Greedo shot first", as they are the same person now! A perfect mash-up of the classic Kenner action figures, this is more than a simple head from one, body from the other rendition; it seamlessly intergrates elements of the two together, the adjusted boots being particularly beautiful. A perfect resin creation, these cleanly cast works are roughly 3¾-inches tall and are created in mixed color parts, emphasizing their mixed up nature. Available now in HealeyMade's online shop, we suspect these gorgeous $66 apiece works, like the original debut run, will disappear sutely quite quickly.

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