The Most Magical Narwhals: Kozyndan's Sculpture Series!

Back in 2012, the husband-and-wife team of Kozyndan had a solo exhibition at Toronto, Canada's Narwhal Art Projects, for which they enlisted Pretty in Plastic to fabricate some stunning narwhal sculptures in resin. And while the duo had long been known for their whimsical creations, these renditions were truly magical, each one housing a special secret that eluded to a fictional evolutionary origin of the strange "unicorns of the sea". At the time, it was difficult to find pictures of all five editions created of the form and, by the time one could find those pictures, the news cycle had moved along to other things. In remembering the breathtaking awe these pieces evoked, I was given the chance to explore the history behind these works and reveal photos of all five renditions in an article for CoART Magazine, which can be read HERE.

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