Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Jungle Rot Plague Face" is Coming…

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's massive "Zug the Troll" creation has been summoned in its two-face variant, "Plague Face", for the newest release under the MVH brand. Purportedly titled the "Jungle Rot Plague Face" edition, this limited piece is a four-colored marbling of the form, a mixture of moss green, pitch black, milky white, and flake-infused clear orange vinyl comprising the form. Each one will come fitted with a camo loincloth tied by cord around the figure's waist, keeping its modesty in place, and they will also be accompanied by a club weapon and pile of poop accessories. Set to be released this weekend (January 27th and/or 28th, 2018) by lottery method, make sure you follow Mutant Vinyl Hardcore on Instagram to receive the full details when they become available.

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