Seulgie's "Satyr Rory Blind Box, Series 1" Available Now!

Korean-born artist Seulgie's whimsical faun-like creatures, her "Satyr Rory" designs, have made the leap from handmade works to factory-produced blind box series! Titled, appropriately enough, "Satyr Rory Blind Box, Series 1", this collection features her character with four different main renditions, each coming in three various color schemes: kitty, bunny, bear cub, and the original Satyr. And, of course, there's also a secret design randomly packaged in some containers! For those that aren't familiar with this creation, I did a thorough interview with Seulgie about her "Satyr Rory" and this blind boxed collection, which can be read now HERE. Produced by Pop Mart, these 3-inch tall gems are available directly from the company within China, with those of us located outside the country being able to pre-order copies now directly from the artist.

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