Lumps's "Cig" Creature Coming Soon from Mighty Jaxx?!?

UK-based artist Lumps revealed his "Cig" design on Instagram back in April, the toothy pack of cigarettes capturing the imagination of many fans and quickly becoming the focus creation for several products from the artist. And, obviously, this creative creature also captured the attention of Mighty Jaxx, who have just announced that they will be producing a rendition of the Lumps creation soon. As the artist himself has already had this adorn screenprints and t-shirts, I think it's safe to assume that this will be a sculptural rendition from Mighty Jaxx, either in vinyl or resin. And while the above-pictured depiction is most likely what the debut edition will look like, Lumps has teased a multitude of potential variants throughout the year, including a Supreme-inspired one and "A Bathing Lump" jest on BAPE.

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