FLABJACKS × Unbox Industries's "Baked Puffy Mo"!

Asian artist Ton Mak uses the name FLABJACKS to encompass the chubby and friendly creatures that reside in her imaginary wonderland, including the small dollop of residual dough known as "Mo". Having fled from a bakery in pursuit of independence, this adorable ball of dough-hood has even adorned itself in a puffy jacket, thus the apt name "Puffy Mo"! Produced in soft vinyl by Unbox Industries, this roughly 2⅞-inch tall and 2¾-inch wide looks deliciously cute with its beauty mark dot just below its duck lips! Presented here in what we can only imagine is called the "Baked Edition", these will be available on Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at store.unboxindustries.info.

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