threeA's "Steel Age: The Joker" collectible figure announced!

Following the "Batman" figures designed by Ashley Wood for his threeA released "Steel Age" line, we're getting teased with a robotic rendition of the Dark Knight's nemesis: "The Joker"! An officially licensed DC Comics release, "Steel Age" is an alternate comic book universe wherein "the villains have won" and a "rebirth contingency plan" was initiated, forging "robotic versions of the fallen heroes", which doesn't quite seem to fit having "The Joker" rendered as an automaton. Time will tell if the concept behind the line has evolved and shifted from those early announcements, but this 1/6th scale, roughly 12-inch tall piece will be available to pre-order on October 4th, 2017 on bambalandstore.com. And I do love those red LED eyes!

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