Retroband's Charity Auction of Rarities for Houston!

As I'm sure you know by now,  Tropical Storm Harvey has devastated Houston, Texas. And,  a proud Texan, Aaron Moreno of Retroband wanted "to help out some way", he says, referring specifically to how "so many families [are] without homes now and so many families [are] trapped under [their] homes" in basement storm shelters. So Moreno "decided to set up an eBay account", selling off some true rarities that any Retroband fan would covet, and "all proceeds will go directly to Red Cross to help these families get back on their feet." To give perspective on how much trouble Houston is currently facing, Moreno explains that "they are expecting eleven trillion gallons of water by mid-week and up to fifty inches of rain."

Visit Moreno's Charity eBay Auctions Now!

Moreno used four 'master molds' to cast his "Dump Trump" piece as well as his Deadly Delivery "Troll" figure, so he's offering several of these two-part molds at auction, each coming with a signed & numbered tag by the artist. But, of even more note to serious Retroband collectors, are the flesh-colored vinyl "MEATS" figures, which are being sold here unpainted but were part of the casting run that the very first releases were made from, and this is a color that Moreno does not plan on ever having the figure produced in again. With 90% of the sale of these items benefiting the American Red Cross, specifically donated to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey, you have until Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 at 8am Pacific time to bid on these fantastic auctions.

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