SPOTTED: KAWS's "BFF Open Edition" vinyl figures!

Pharrell Williams, with a wink, says "When your friends give you the samples", indicating the "BFF Open Edition" vinyl figures by KAWS that are pictured in-front of him, in both the forthcoming black and blue colors. KAWS replies, "Thanks for the visit!", implying that this is a picture from within his own studio, where we saw the samples arrive from Medicom Toy just yesterday (see here). These vinyl renditions of the KAWS-ified Muppet concept are a "New project" that is coming "later this year" in collaboration with MoMA Store, who it seem will have the blue-colored version as an exclusive. The black, on the other hand, is being theorized to be a KAWSone.com exclusive. Time will tell the veracity of these suspicions, but I'm sure many fans will wait with bated breath until then.

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