"Travolos" custom Dunny series... adorable!!!

Octavio Gallegos aka Taval, an artist working out of Mexico City, sent over his first mini series called "Travolos"! Consisting of 5 custom Dunnys: Roy, Gregory, Arturito, Vince, and Valerian, this series is a mixture of cute character and bright colors. We really dig the removable masks, and the paint/sculpt details are a ton of fun! This series will be released for sale for $107 shipped on July 31, 2017 at 12PM GMT-6, and if interested, you just need to send him an email via emailsky.carnola@gmail.com (since he does not have an online store). Each one is unique and will come with a button and a sticker with Taval's logo that will be packed in custom a MDF box. Really cool and we can't wait to follow the progress of Taval in his future projects!

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