Black on black - Possessed is going dark... new from Munky King and Luke Chueh!

It's been 10 years since the release of Possessed, serial number MK001, Munky King's iconic toy with Luke Chueh. Now remolded, with all the subtle changes they wished we did the first time, while staying true to the original - carved in features, two articulated arms, and improved design to address prior spinning devil issues. Possessed Black will be a toy built to last... and is up for grabs in their recently launched Kickstarter campaign HERE right now!

Possessed Black includes two figures made in rotocast vinyl. As a bonus, Luke Chueh will hand-embellish each box... and like we mentioned HERE earlier, this exclusive black on black colorway of this 10th Anniversary edition is available only to Grief Encounters Kickstarter backers... so head on over HERE to back this project!

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