DC Comics x Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx - 4D XXRAY JOKER!!!

Frequent patron of the Arkham Asylum, The Joker has undoubtedly proven himself to be the most vicious psychopathic killer roaming the DC universe. Decked out in his signature green hair, deranged smile and hysterical laughter, the notorious comic book villain goes on a spree to ruin lives just to demonstrate his manifestation of how everything can be destroyed in a moment.
New from Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny is the officially licensed DC Comics 4D XXRAY JOKER! Standing 9.5" tall, this abs/vinyl figure is the first ever true dissected licensed collectible following in the footsetps of the 4D Batman released earlier this year! Open him up and pull him apart, this rad looking figure is up for pre-order HERE right now for just $90 a pop!

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