"Luxo" custom Dunny series from jfo... are AWESOME!!!

Last year, Jason Forbes aka jfo, created a series called 'Illumin8' that was eight different light-themed designs (40 Dunnys in total) and one of the most requested was the Junior Luxo design (only 5 made, only black colorway). He got enough requests that he decided to make more (and a larger version) but wanted to redesign them from the ground up - as he's learned a ton since the first ones - the result is Junior Luxo 2.0. Drawing inspiration from that cute little Pixar mascot coupled with the customization of the Dunny... these turned out looking stellar!

The 12 different 3" Dunnys feature replaceable bulbs, a detachable magnetic base, usb power with inline switch. One available of each colorway: black, white, red, orange, yellow, bauhaus gold, green, blue, purple, sparkled purple, battle-damaged military surplus, and lemon drop (transparent yellow)... but wait, there is one more for the kicker...

There is a 8" Senior Luxo (Model: 001) that is a fully functional desk lamp. Complete with dimmer, optional base, replaceable LED bulb (common light socket size, so there are lots of bulb options including standard filament available, Runs on 110v AC)... and how rad do all these look?!?! The 3" are retailing for $95 + shipping and the 8" is $295 + shipping... all will be up for grabs HERE on Monday, July 31st at 12Noon PST... don't miss out, these are fantastic! Oh... and if you want more... check out his Instagram account,it's ad!

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