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PHOTO RECAP: Tim Clarke Toys's Booth at Five Points Festival!

For those that weren't able to attend this year's Five Points Festival, we'll be providing a photo recap of many of the booths over the next day. This being the initial outing for this convention, many didn't know what to expect but the lineup of exhibitors was amazing, including both new and established designer toy artists. And when it comes to established, few have more cred than Tim Clarke
, who was definitely an influential voice to the movement by co-creating, designing, and overall masterminding the Boglins and Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion lines back in the '80s! And now, after a bit of a rough resurrection, the Boglins are back as they always should be… in a squishy material with puppetry hole in the back. Clarke has finger-sized "Boglin Wigglers" and just-smaller-than-original "Boglin Imps" on-hand, both made out of a disgustingly good spongy material.

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