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Dolly Oblong × Kidrobot's "Dairobo-Z" Artist Proof Dunnys!

It seems like only yesterday that we were introduced to the fantastic art of Dolly Oblong, who is not a single person but rather a design-centric duo, though it was way back in 2008 that they first started producing their perfection. And we were covering their work shortly thereafter, 2009 marking our first coverage of them. At that point, they were most well-known for their papercraft projects but, over the years, we witnessed a slow shift of focus from paper toy templates and into the realm of customized designer toy forms and original resin creations. And when they were asked to contribute to the DTA Dunny Show in 2015, it was no surprise that Dolly Oblong contributed a fantastic "Dairobo-Z DX" custom 8-inch Dunny. An obvious nod to Go Nagai's super robot creation Mazinger Z, or マジンガーZ in its original Japanese, the "Dairobo" line had been an enduring a popular one for Dolly Oblong, prior to this taking the form of paper toy designs, customized Dunnys, and even plush pieces! So it wasn't a huge surprise, shortly over a year later, that Kidrobot began teasing a production version, which was released shortly thereafter. And now Dolly Oblong themselves are issuing forth Artist Proof editions of those fantastic 5-inch tall production pieces!
This production piece has a wonderful design, its flowing mech parts accented by the sculpted jet pack accessory on its back and the "rocket hand" assualt captured in mid-blast off. But for those that get the Artist Proof (or AP) sets, you'll be getting a lot more in the form of extras. Each AP set includes a specially made acrylic display stand for the 5-inch tall production Dunny as well as two signed A5 prints (each roughly 5.8 × 8.3 in.), an enamel pin, an aluminum foil sticker, and a regular sticker. Heck, for no extra charge you can even have your Dunny's box signed by Dolly Oblong themselves. The "regular" blue version of the design is limited to 14 AP sets (for $70 apiece) and the "chase" GID rendition is limited to only 12 AP sets (for $90 apiece), both of which are available now from shop.dollyoblong.com.

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