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Ink Visuals shows us three beautiful moments… in Dunny form!

Rob Ramirez, who uses artist alias Ink Visuals, reveals has created "tres momentos", the "three moments", as a series of hand-painted Dunny pieces. Using J★RYU's 8-inch "Clairvoyant" Dunny as a base, Ramirez gave these a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) inspired feel with each flower color representing a different memorable event: "Luto" (Blue) being the moment of grieving for loved ones lost, "Sol" (Orange) being the sun's light that guides us from the darkness, and "Vida" (Red) being for the very blood that runs through us, giving us life, love, and hatred. These hand-painted pieces with inset Swarovski crystals are available now from Ramirez's online shop for $300 apiece.

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