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RESTORE's "Final More Meat" Prototype REVEALED!

Sculptor Junnosuke Abe once again devles into his Restore universe, bringing forth a new rendition of the "Iron Meat sfb" character from the "Neo Japan" line. This roughly 13¾-inches tall soft vinyl figure looks like a beefier version of the original… and I love some of the details I'm spotting, like what appears to be a removable power core over the heart area and ventilation shafts on the backside of this beast! And there is also a new backstory…
In 1984, the New Electric Power Company began to develop robots to strength their military presence and as a deterrence against approaching threats. After several years and trillions of yen, a robot was developed whose destructive power was comparable to a nuclear bomb. While the scientists behind its creation were excited by this innovation, they were afraid of it as well… Which proved appropriate, as during an experimental test this robot's punch cracked the earth, resulting in immediate laws regulating its use.
Titled "Final More Meat", it will be released in the Winter of 2017.

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