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Rarities at Decent Prices?!? The Woot Bear Archives are Open!

Have you ever thought, "Wow, there are some great older releases out there, I wish I could get them for either their original retail price or even just a little bit more…"? Well, if so, then Woot Bear has a deal for you! The store has opened its vaults, unleashing hordes of rarities back upon the world. If you ever wanted one of those James Groman redesigned "Brain Bug Boogie Man" figures from Cure Toys, then they have one in unpainted flesh vinyl. Did you miss the original "Young Gohst" subscription set from Ferg & Grody Shogun, then you can buy them individually now. Do you need "The Skullheads - Boso" to finish your Huck Gee's Post Apocalypse Dunny series collection, then you can grab one of these 1/64 ratio gems now! Yup, it's a good day to have a bit of spending money… Check out the entire archive collection HERE now, though expect all items to be extremely limited — most likely with only one of each in stock.

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