Bwana Spoons's Skulls And RainBones Society Membership Open Now!

Bwana Spoons "had this feeling about 2017, like we need a little extra spell cast for us all to be happy and safe." During his time in Japan last year, he kept seeing "strange blue and white signs" depicting "an adult walking with a child" but in a "squiggly, almost alien" style. Adopting and adapting this image, Bwana made it the basis for his Skulls And RainBones Society (aka SARBS). Using the strange sigil on a t-shirt, meant as a ward against evil, all society members will be given one alongside the brand new "Summer Bum Globby" resin figure! As a SARBS member, which lasts two years, you'll also get access to news, extra goodies, exclusives, occasional firsties, and sometimes discounts that other folks don’t even know about. Want in? You can join from now until January 13th, 2017 for a mere $50 from HERE!

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