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El Hooligan's Batman-based "Bat-Bat" Custom Dunnys Available Now!

Méxican artist El Hooligan has done it again, creating a stunning series of modified and hand-painted 3-inch Dunnys. Titled "Bat-Bat", this blind boxed micro series features six customs, each modeled after a different Batman design from throughout the years! Stunning interpretations with wings instead of arms, I especially love how all of them are vampire Bats as opposed to strictly human… it's like the multiverses merged and all the Batmen had to fight, after being infected by the Red Rain one.

Available now and limited to only one handmade figure in each design, those interested should email elhooliganarttoy@gmail.com to reserve their copy (or copies) of these $130 apiece bling boxes. Worldwide shipping is included, so there are no hidden costs here… Just let the artist know where to send the PayPal invoice and your blind(s) will be held! Now let's look at the six figures…

Left: "Beyond" is based on the Batman Beyond, or Batman of the Future, television series. Airing from 1999 to 2001, this animated version by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm depicted the young man that picks up the Batman mantle from Bruce Wayne in 2019.
Middle: "Sovietic" is modeled after Batmankoff, the Bruce Wayne alter ego in the Superman: Red Son storyline. This Russian Batman is essentially a terrorist, hell-bent on destroying the communist party.
Right: "Flashpoint Paradox" is the Batman from the Flashpoint crossover event, an alternate timeline in which — spoiler alert — Bruce Wayne is murdered by the robber instead of his parents, leaving Thomas Wayne to take up the mantle to avenge his son.

Left: "Shangai" is the Batman of Shanghai, shown through a series of three animated shorts presenting a unique re-imagining of the Batman universe in a heavily stylized form, set in a 1930's era Shanghai.
Middle: "'66" refers to 1966, the year in which the Batman television show starring Adam West began airing. Showing the classic and simple costume from the series, the eyebrows are a perfectly iconic element!
Right: "TDKR" stands for The Dark Knight Returns, the iconic Frank Miller storyline which — among others — began the modern look and feel of the Batman character in the comics.

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