Patrick Wong's "TR808" Resin Figure is based on the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine!

Canadian artist Patrick Wong has been producing anthropomorphic renditions of drum machines and sampling workstations for years, with us supporting release after release of these marvelous works. And now, finally, Wong has given us the granddaddy of all hip-hop beats… the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine! Simply titled "TR808," Wong's version is 6-inches tall and a massive 10-inches wide, with arms and legs affixed to an original sculpt based on the appearance of the 808… though with almost fiendish looking eyes incorporated into the design. Currently available from Wong's online shop for $125 apiece, the preorder for these handmade and hand-painted resin sculptures will remain open until October 22nd, 2016; after that, no other new copies will be made by Wong, as this is a one-time run of figures.

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