Jump Jumper Ant's The Succubus Queen Custom Dunny for DMX's "NecroDunnyCon!"

According to Nicholas Rémy's Daemonolatreiae libri tres, one of the most important early works on demons and witches, Abrahel is the name of succubus who appeared in 1581 in the Belgian village of Dalhem. There, she seduced a man called Pierron and tricked him into killing his own son, who she agreed to return life to in exchange for being worshiped. It obviously worked, at least in the mind of Méxican artist Jump Jumper Ant, as she gave her pictured "Abrahel" hand-modified and hand-painted 3-inch tall Dunny the subtitle "the queen of succubus." Created for the upcoming Dunny Hecho en México — or DMX — series "NecroDunnyCon," there are a lot of impressive sculpted elements on this form… the hair, the wings, the face, even the breasts, all perfectly executed. And, of course, Jump Jumper Ant's always impressive custom crafted resin doll eyes that lend a marvelous Mona Lisa effect are here as well (if you are unfamiliar, watch them in action). All I can say is "wow!"

As we previously announced, the "NecroDunnyCon" series will feature an amazing array of talent. The lineup has been revealed to be Jump Jumper Ant, Lupilu Soler, Shiffa, Cucaracha Borracha, Mr. Mitote, Avatar666, Tadeo Mendoza, and El Hooligan with special guests Gabriel Carpio and HX Studio. There will be three chases, made by El Hooligan, Tadeo Mendoza, and HX Studio, as well as one Golden Ticket prize made by Shiffa, though the Golden Ticket winner will just have to cover shipping costs of it. All boxes will include wooden bases, as can be seen in the above pictures, that were created especially for this release by El Hooligan. Sales of the $105 apiece blind boxes (shipping not included) will begin on October 20th, 2016 at 10am Pacific time, with those interested simply emailing orders to dunnyhechoenmexico [at] gmail [dot] com, with a total of only 50 blind boxes available for sale!

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