When Kozik likes it… Colus's "Jumper" to be produced by Kidrobot!

In a rapid follow-up to yesterday's reveal of Colus's newest finished piece, Frank Kozik announces that Kidrobot will be "releasing a series of his [Colus's] pieces next year." We previously announced the Colus's "Ravenous" figure would be put into production by Kidrobot, but what else could they be releasing? Well, the figure revealed completed yesterday — "Jumper" — is the second one! "I am very excited and honored to announce that Kidrobot will be producing this bad boy," said Colus. "I will hand make 5 or 6 as an uber limited edition and KR will produce it in the near future!" So that means the five he was making for DesignerCon — now 5 or 6 – will be the only resin cast copies of the figure by Colus himself. Of course, the production version from Kidrobot will surely be every bit as perfectly crafted.

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