REVEAL: Andrew Bell's "Amanita" for "Android, Series 6" from Dead Zebra!

While we already spotted this Andrew Bell designed 3-inch tall "Android" figure at San Diego Comic-Con, we're proud to properly introduce you to "Amanita!" Named after the genus of fungi that contains some of the most toxic known mushrooms as well as well-regarded edible specimens, this is a wonderful merging of Bell's "Creatures in my Head" style with his purported "distaste for mushrooms." Featuring a clear body with stem insert, this is a truly innovative approach to using the Android's form and transforming it into something visually new.
According to our ratio sheet reveal, this design is limited to a 1-in-16 ratio. Beyond making us sad because this won't be a common piece, we're doubly sad after seeing how much we want it… especially with the reveal below that pop his head off and take out the insert to make a stand-alone ‘mushroom’ figure!

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