The Super Sucklord's "Gay Empire (10th Anniversary Edition)" Sold Out?!?

Probably the most popular design from pop art toy creator The Super Sucklord of Suckadelic, the "Gay Empire" 3¾-inch tall Homotrooper figure actually turned a decade old last year but why let that stop a brand new "10th Anniversary Edition" from being released? Originally released in 2005, the most commonly found version is the 2013 re-release… and now we can add this edition to the list, which appears just as the 2013 figure except with gold details instead of silver. Packaged on a special 6½-inch by 8½-inch backing card, it is unclear if this is an edition or just a one-off. It appeared in the Suckadelic online shop yesterday for $42, selling out almost immediately, but we hold out hopes that more are coming… Please follow the Sucklord on Instagram to get further announcements on this piece, which hopefully we haven't seen the last of yet!

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