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Teimaru tackles Coarse Toy's Omen and Transforms it into a Bronze Idol!

While not one of the most prolific customizers in the scene, French artist Frédéric Multedo — also known as Teimaru — has been a favorite in the past. Heck, I chose one of his works as a Top 10 piece in 2014! His newest work, the pictured "Bronze Omen," is a tribute to Coarse's stunning design and especially their more raw productions, like the Wood Omen renditions. Hand-painted with acrylics to emulate the appearance of bronze, the shadowing and shading are perfectly applied, and the addition of the bronze stand with glass bell jar are simply perfect. Will not as breathtaking as his previous work, I do appreciate how this excercise in minimalism looks deceptively simple, but I can't help but wish he'd used his fantastic sculpting skills to make the base form more uniquely his before applying the paint.

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