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Scott Wilkowski × Luke Chueh × Munky King's "Infected Target (Red)" Released?!?

Wisconsin-based artist and sculptor Scott Wilkowski has revealed a new edition of his "Infected Target" collaboration with Luke Chueh, whose Munky King released "Target" has been recast in resin, the figure's basic shape becoming an outer casing that — being transparent — allows you to view the inner workings of the figure’s body, specifically its fantastical skeletal system. The first version of this released last year at San Diego Comic-Con and we loved it (as you can see in our video review of it), but this reddish imbued version — we understand — can be obtained by simply contacting Munky King while supplies last. Limited to at least three copies, we expect they are at least $250 apiece and that they will disappear quite fast!

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