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The Last Scantily Clad Stormtrooper?!? ThreeA’s “Lonely TQ Rice Cream!”

With looks like that, this “Lonely Tomorrow Queen” figure won't be lonely for long! Produced by threeA as part of the company’s GALA MILK line and connected to their official ”Star Wars Alternate” universe, this Ashley Wood and Suiyin designed “Lonely TQ Rice Cream” won't be releasing today, on what would be the apt May the 4th, but rather it coming this weekend. A scantily clad stormtrooper is chic clothing, this 1/6th scale, 12-inch tall figure is fully articulated and will be available for preorder on May 7th, 2016 from the Bambaland online shop. The term “the last Lonely TQ” is being used in association with her, so this might be the end of the Stormtrooper inspired design!

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