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A Living Pile of Rocks with Octopus Tentacles?!? Sekure D's "Roctopus" Debuts!

Fans of cryptozoology might not be familiar with the name "Roctopus" yet, but Australian-based artist SekureD is looking to change that. Shining light on these hereunto mysterious beasts, Sekure D has painstakingly recreated these elusive creatures, having made an original sculpt of the living stack of rocks that has octopus-like tentacles. Cast in resin and hand-painted by the artist, I love how these creatures have a stony hide akin to The Thing (from the Fantastic Four) but in more of a muted, underwater creature coloration… and don't get me started on how perfect their cartoonish, wide-eyed expression both does and doesn't fit with the form. It's a masterful assemblage of Sekure D's most iconic artistic traits. Available in an edition of three "OG Edition" copies, pictured herein, these will be released in the artist's online shop on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 at 3pm Pacific time for a mere $45 apiece.

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