Hollow Planet Designs’s “Polydog (Silicone Edition)” Modular Silicone Figure!

Forming together in a similar fashion to the classic Voltron figures of my youth, UK artist Ewan ZPG of Hollow Planet Designs’s “Polydog” figure is comprised of five goopy aliens — Shaver, Symmes, Walpurga, Poag & Americus — who stack and attach together into a single humanoid form. This debut piece in the Inverted Earth line is made from solid, skin-safe silicone, pigmented with black light reactive coloring, and the modular nature is heightened by magnetic articulation that affixes the "limb" characters. Standing around 5-inches tall when assembled, these handmade works are limited to 20 sets in this “Silicone Edition” — which should have a wonderfully squishy nature to the pieces — thought we understand a hard rotocast resin version is forthcoming. The Silicone Edition is available now from the Hollow Planet Designs online shop for £25 (approx. $35) apiece.

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