Ai! Wag Wah! Coatee-cha tu yub nub! Wetworks’s Ewok-inspired “Wabrook” resin art toy!

As I'm sure fans of Star Wars’s Ewoks are already aware, Singapore-based artist Carlo "Wetworks" Cacho has sculpted an original rendition of teddy bear-like creatures of Endor. Titled “Wabrook,” this 3⅘-inch tall figure was cast in resin by Evan Morgan, hand-painted by Cacho, and placed on special blister card packaging created by the Cro Magnus team of Adam Altenderfer & Geiger Hansen. Part of Cacho’s “Fanart” series and, more specifically, the “Fuzzy Wars” line, these fantastic renditions of the fuzzballs will be available to purchase today (March 25th, 2016) at 3am Pacific time in Cacho’s online shop for $65 apiece.

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