World War 7174 spreads throughout the 3A Universe! First up: Bertie vs. Tomorrow King?!?

Based on the above teaser that Ashley Wood shared on Instagram, it appears that his threeA lines are colliding in “World War 7174,” or “WW7174!” Named after Wood & his wife T.P. Louise's years I birth (1971 & 1974), I believe, this all encompassing crossover threatens to include characters from World War Robot (WWR), Tomorrow Kings (TK), Lore, Evenfall, O.M.B., and Adventure Kartel (AK). Listed as being part of the 3AGO series, which is focused on figures in the MEGO scale (slightly larger than 1/12th scale), the shown “Set One” above includes two previously released figures: 2010's 7-inch tall “Ghost Hunter Bertie” and the 12-inch tall “Shadey EDO TK” from 2013's TKLUB released “E.D.O 2-pack.” Considering the pictured pieces seem to be in the same scale, while the originals were not, I think it is safe to bet that this is a forthcoming release and not just Wood having fun…

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