JPX × Fools Paradise × IPH Team’s “Hunzter (Wood Version)!”

I love toys made out of wood or, even better, when a previously released vinyl or resin design is transformed into a wood carved interpretation — I'm looking at you, elusive Travis Cain “Woody” Dunnys from 2009 — so the above teaser makes me giddy. Yes, we've see the collaborative “Hunzter” figure release available in the “Panda” and “Original” versions, but now it looks like it's coming out in wood! This Fools Paradise designed piece will be, if seems, released by JPToys’s JPX brand and Thailand’s playhouse shop, like the previous versions. The figure itself is reminiscent of the classic “Keiko” design, though obviously masculine rather than feminine, this musclebound character transforms himself by wearing an oversized mask, gloves, and shoes. Little more is known now, but I am hoping that's truly a wood rendition of “Hunzter” and that this “Wood Version” isn't just an imitation texture on the resin — no matter how amazing it obviously looks.

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