AVAILABLE NOW: Black Box × Unbox Industries’s “Mazinger Flyers!”

Fans of Go Nagai's classic "Mazinger Z" (マジンガーZ) are in for a treat, as Unbox Industries finally releases their Katsyua Kurosawa (Black Box) designed Mazinger Flyers. With five 5-inch tall designs to choose from, you can proudly show off (from left to right above): Mazinger Z pilot Kabuto Kōji (aka Kouji), Dr. Hell's half-man & half-woman lieutenant Baron Ashura, the titular super robot Mazinger, the bipedal dinosaur super robot Doublas, and the feminine mech Aphrodite A. And since Unbox uses soft vinyl for their pieces, the pilot figures are easy to remove and interchange! Available now in Unbox’s online shop, they are $45 apiece or $200 for a complete set.

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