YOii × Wetworks’s Resin “Sepia Squad Pugriders” Coming Soon!

The “Spectrum, Series One” release of the “Pugrider” sold out quickly, leaving fans of the eight-legged, wringly-faced, wide-eyed beast wanted more… Well, ask and you shall receive! The roughly 7-inch tall resin figure, designed by New Zealand-based artist YOii and executed by Carlo "Wetworks" Cacho, return in “Spectrum, Series Two” — a hand-painted run of five figures all done in the same muted tones. Lovingly known as the “Sepia Squad” version, these will be available on Febuary 28th, 2016 at 5pm Pacific time exclusively from Wetworks’s online shop for an undisclosed price, though we're guessing it will be around $165 apiece.

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