Kevin Gosselin’s original sculpture of a boy & his golem…

While American artist Kevin Gosselin might not be using his sculptural skills or painting finesse to make custom designer toys any longer, he is working on original pieces like the pictured “Be Careful What You Wish For” piece. Having an inherantly Iron Giant vibe to it, this piece depicts a young boy excitedly reacting to a Golem, which he is riding the shoulder of, that seems to have crushing a wishing well under tush. Completely detailed right down to the Hebrew word emet (אמת, truth) on its forehead, this was a commissioned work of art is not available for sale… though a version of it might be soon! Gosselin "reserved the right to make a limited edition [release] from it and it will be available as a garage kit for those who prefer to do a little work." To keep appraised of this release, give Gosselin’s Instagram feed a follow.

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