Couldn’t get to Banksy’s Dismaland? Get DMS’s “Dismalhand!”

While English artist DMS is attending British street artist Banksy’s Dismaland art-traction and, as we previously announced, depositing “Dismalhand” resin art pieces around the place, those of you unable to go to Dismaland and search around for these freebies can now buy one. Yes, DMS opted to let his guerrilla art project become an affordably priced memento for those that never attended the park! These 1½-inch long pieces hand-cast in resin by the artist and then ”badly hand painted” by him as well, packaged “in a cheap plastic bag with a hastily home printed header.” It is most important to know that these are “Unsuitable for those under 15 years, unnecessary for those over 15 years. Limited to an uncertain amount.” Available now in the Dismalhand online shop for £4.99 (approx. $8) apiece.

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