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"Wooly Mammoth" & "Albino Mammoth" flocked resin 'Elephantos' figures!!!

Daniel "turboPISTOLA" Smith is back in action with a brand new batch of his rad 'Elephantos' figures, and he tells us that this series has been in production for quite a while. They have made their way from GA to CA and back, with general production being handled by turboPISTOLA, and the intricate flocking duties being handled by the skilled hands of Spy Monkey Creations’ own Jeremy Sung.

There will be a total of 20 figures (2 separate edition) available in his shop HERE for $36 each, at 9:30pm EST time this coming Sunday June 28th. Every figure sold includes a 1” Elephantos button and comes in a bag with hand made header card. The editions are as follows.

• Wooly Mammoth, edition of 14:
Produced in 2 shades of brown, each figure is sold blind and has a variety of different eye colors, so the one you receive will probably differ from the picture slightly. 1 per customer.

• Albino Mammoth, edition of 6:
Ah, the rare and elusive Albino Mammoth, only 6 exist, and each one has white fur as pure as the driven snow, with pink and white details. 1 per customer.

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