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So you never thought you'd see an Ooze-it as a tank?!? Tru:Tek's "Ooze Tank!"

Inspired by the 30+ year old "Ooze-it" figure, the classic rubber toy that spewed forth slime from its mouth, nose, eyes & ears, there have been a plethora of art toy renditions in the past few years. Enough versions that, honestly, we wish they'd stop. But then you have someone like TRU:TEK come along and show this very early work-in-progress of the "Ooze Tank," the first in a series of micro tank keshi based on classic toy designs. Well, damned… we can't wait to see more! And a whole line of toy-based tanks sounds wonderful! We even hear that this little guy will also become the standard omake for future Oozeball releases.

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