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AVAILABLE NOW: Taylored Curiosities's "Sprouted Worry Beans" & "Bag of Beanlets" resin figures!

The previously revealed "Worry Beans" by Penny Taylor (aka Taylored Curiosities) get two new versions to help ward off your worries: the above pictured "Sprouted Worry Beans" and the below pictured "Bag of Beanlets!" The green "Sprouted Worry Beans" have grass sprouts growing on their heads, providing the perfect camouflage for exploring and having crazy adventures! These sets of two, a full-size 1½-inch tall Worry Bean and a diminutive version called a Worry Beanlet, aren't the only new things though, as I mentioned… Taylor is also offering a "Bag of Beanlets," each containing five of the roughly ¼-inch tall tiny guys nestled inside a gorgeous drawstring bag. Both are available now in Taylored Curiosities's online shop for £6.50 (approx. $10) and £9 (approx. $14) apiece, respectively.

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