COMING TODAY! Mondo's "Afterlife with Archie," "Night of the Living Deadpool" & "Iron Giant" by Alex Ross!

A few more remaining pieces from the debut MondoCon are making their way to online today (October 2nd, 2014): namely a series of fantastic prints by screen print poster powerhouse Mondo themselves. Pictured at the very top is series artist Francesco Francavilla's 24"×36" screen printed poster for the Afterlife With Archie comic, which explores that world of the iconic character in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Limited to 275 hand numbered pieces, Francavilla's beautiful work will be $50 each. Then, pictured directly below it, is Alex Ross meticulously painted Iron Giant silkscreen, a massive 27"×15" piece limited to 325 hand numbered copies for $85 apiece! And, finally, there will be the four comic covers turned screen printed posters, each featuring Jay Shaw's art for The Night of the Living Deadpool series from Marvel Comics. Each measuring 18"×24" and being hand numbered in editions of 175, these will be a mere $40 apiece! Bearing in mind that most Mondo prints sell out within minutes, the only way you'll have a chance to snag one of these will be by following Mondo's Twitter feed, as that is where they will announce when the piece is available in their web shop today (October 2nd, 2014)!

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