Gorgoloid's new Monster Kolor dyed & painted resin Kaiju creatures: Oculis, Takos & Avilar!

Resin kaiju creator Gorgoloid, like many indie toy monster makers, found the classic Ultra Series on TV to be a huge inspiration; and while most recognize Ultraman from them, the very first one — Ultra Q — is often forgotten. Based on the destructive beast from Ultra Q episode 24, "Statue of Gōga," Gorgoloid has hand-sculpted the likeness of the monster with the drill enhanced snail shell and stared casting it in resin! The first five one-off versions of the "Goga" figure, pictured herein, have each been hand-painted in metallic Monster Kolor sprays, which really make these 4½-inch solid resin pieces pop. These five will be available on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 at 6PM Pacific time in Gorgoloid's online shop for $65 apiece.

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