The Official Bootleg Wind-up Monkey is Back! Kikkake Toy's "Iron Monkey No. 2" is coming…

Kikkake Toy's have the above ad in the October issue of Hyper Hobby, soliciting 『鉄猿2号』— or "Iron Monkey No. 2!" The follow-up to the fantastic "Iron Monkey" figure, which was billed as "The Official Bootleg," this version has been completely resculpted… from the opened mouth and more straight-on eyes to the fez-style cap and Roly-Poly The Bomb body, this non-cymbal grasping version looks stupendous. And, it appears to come with an omake (extra) in the form of a dog that reuses the Planet Skull head! We do know the Kikkake will be present at Super Festival 66, though it is unclear if they will have the "Iron Monkey No. 2" with them. With any luck, it will be in their online shop in the near future!

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