Daniel Fleres's "The Coarsicorn, Coarse Owlicorn, or The Omen Swanicorn" custom Omen figure!

Artist Daniel Fleres, creator of the fantastic Swanicorn, brings his character's aesthetic to one of Coarse Toys's Omen owl figures… let me introduce you to "The Coarsicorn, Coarse Owlicorn, or The Omen Swanicorn." Alas, it is not a production collaboration… rather this is a one-off custom that Fleres carefully constructed into existence. Beautifully minimal without feeling incomplete, this masterful work will be available in Fleres's web store today (Wednesday, August 27th, 2014) at an unspecified time, though we suspect 5PM Pacific time based on past experience. But, to be safe, follow Fleres on Twitter for the announcement of availability!

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