BABY HORNS "S.2 ver.ORIGINAL" from Hands In Factory pre-order launched!!!

The guys over at 'Hands in Factory', the toy art team over at Coolrain Studio that is composed of designer UpTeMPO and Modeller RockOON, have just announced the pre-order of their Runner's High Baby Horns "S.2 ver.ORIGINAL" figure series! Now, these figure have some odd names.... regardless... hot damn do they look good! From left to right is "11.DAY OFF", "08.DAY WRAITH", and "09.WILL.P"... all of which feature a running themed sports aesthetic and harken back to figure design from the early Hong Kong urban vinyl figure movement. Standing 7" tall, limited to 250 pieces of each figure, they will retail for $60 a pop, OR $170 for the entire set of 3 figures! If you are interested, you can send an email to tj_park@naver.com with intent to purchase with payment by PayPal being accepted!

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